HamiltonSeen is a local documentary production company with a focus on the arts and community involvement. Our  feature-length film, HEARTS: A Documentary on Hamilton’s Art Crawl, was created to document an important aspect of the changing city of Hamilton. Our most recent venture, The Push,  is nearing completion and has been accepted as an official selection of The Hamilton Film Festival.


Cody Lanktree
Director Cody Lanktree is most inspired by dialogue created by the connection between time, beauty, and our personal truths. In the six years since HamiltonSeen’s inception, Cody has guided the company from small commercial production to whiteboxing partnerships with major marketing firms, and finally to the creation of documentaries focused on community and social issues. His vision is one that will not stop at less than fundamentally changing and challenging perspectives and the world.



Zena Hagerty
Producer Zena Hagerty has a long history of community engagement and involvement in the arts scenes of Hamilton and San Francisco and seeks to further strengthen the human spirit with her work. Zena has broad experience in media, including recording albums, performing her own music, radio broadcasting, graphic design, and many others. As director of Sublimatus as a band, an art gallery, and an entity that inspires the creative spirit within all, Zena honed a skillset that includes the ability to drive and complete large projects with expansive intentions.



David Hinkley
Associate Producer David S. Hinkley operates as the lynch-pin lunatic that connects all and actually makes it work. As an early adopter of technological advances, David has been on the cutting edge for decades and offers sage-like advice and guidance in matters of tech and financial organization. Offering an energetic and forward-driving attitude toward all things, David is the type who is comfortable with engaging in all aspects of production, from the grit to the broadest of strokes.